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Top 5 Reasons You Should Do Your Own Podcast
Tommy McElroy, MD
5. You have something to say.
Whatever your passion is, if its interesting to anyone, you should do a podcast about it. Why? Because if you’re interested in the subject then there are others out there who are as well. Nobody wants to be alone, so if you’re the ‘Chicken Whisperer’ then do the podcast (it exists). More >>
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You’ll Need a Mic
The key to a good podcast. A good quality microphone does not have to cost a fortune, but don’t go cheap or your podcast will sound like it. A Blue Snowball is a entry-level microphone that has good quality with ease of use. A Blue Yeti has improved sound reproduction with features like adjustable recording fields and headphone jack.

Stands, Headphones, and More
Along with a mic you might want a ‘pop’ filter to cancel out those hard p’s. Also a mic stand helps you arrange your studio in a comfortable position for podcasting.

When paired with the proper microphone, headphones provide zero latency feedback on audio quality for your recording.

To Mix or Not to Mix
You’ll need to decide if you want to record directly or with a mixer. And then you’ll have to pick a program to use.

Direct to Computer
With a USB microphone you can record directly to your computer using Audacity or Adobe Premiere. Audacity is downloadable for free at

Adobe Premiere is a studio quality program. Also Reaper is a near-professional production solution.

Via mixer
Want to add effects, voiceovers, or multiple hosts? A mixer gives you the flexibility to expand your podcast even more than direct to computer recording. You’ll need a XLR capable microphone like the Yeti Pro.
HD Video
Now more than ever great looking video is available at affordable prices. Whether you choose camcorder-style or GoPro, the high quality output is on-par with professional production. You can also use a webcam for LIVE broadcasts with OBS Studio for free.