Echelon-Health Membership

Includes office visits, procedures, and concierge service: text messaging, email, and video consults.

Annual Membership: $1920/adult, $360/minor child.

Member pricing on
labs and select medications—includes no mark-up.

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How Concierge Medicine Works With Insurance

While we recommend that all members have insurance according to their needs, we do not require or process insurance payments. For patients who have insurance that pays for labs and imaging studies, we help them find the most effective way to utilize it. Many of our members are self-insured and pay cash for their medical care.

For more information about alternatives to traditional health insurance see,
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Specializing in Sports and Family Medicine

We treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes,
low testosterone, rotator cuff tendonitis, and many other conditions. During your yearly physical we will cover all of your health issues and make sure you are up to date on recommended screenings such as colonoscopy, mammogram, and immunizations.

We also perform many procedures including skin biopsy, joint injection, and casting for non-displaced fractures.
Concierge Medicine Tampa
Tommy McElroy, MD
Founder and Director

University of Florida College of Agriculture – 2000
University of South Florida College of Medicine – 2006
University of South Florida-Morton Plant Mease Family Medicine Residency – 2009
University of South Florida-Morton Plant Mease Sports Medicine Fellowship – 2010
Tampa Concierge Medicine
Tracy McElroy, LPN
VP Operations

Licensed Practical Nurse Since 2002

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