Concierge Medicine Tampa Bay

Personal, Private Medical Care

Once upon a time, going to the doctor was unhurried, comfortable, and reassuring. That is the way we do things here. Think of a concierge doctor as your personal physician — someone who knows you and shares your health concerns.

At Echelon-Health our only priority is you, our patient. We see patients as often as needed without waiting for an appointment. And rest assured, there is no hurrying through the visit—we schedule ample time for each patient. We have purposely limited the size of our practice to preserve patient satisfaction.

While we do not process insurance ourselves, we can help you utilize insurance for your other health care needs.

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Good Health Starts with Prevention

We believe in keeping you as healthy as possible. One of the ways we do this is by checking for heart disease with a Coronary CT Angiogram (CCTA). Through this non-invasive procedure we can see heart disease in the vessels that supply your heart with blood, even if you have no symptoms.
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Echelon-Health Team

Tommy McElroy, MD completed Sports Medicine Fellowship training after a Family Medicine Residency at the USF-Morton Plant Mease programs where he was Chief Resident.

He graduated from the USF College of Medicine and UF undergraduate. (
Tracy McElroy, LPN has worked across many specialties including Family Medicine, Gastroenterology, Pediatrics, Neurology, Gynecology, and more.

As VP of Operations she handles both administrative and clinical responsibilities for our patients.
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